The Law Office of Tammis F. Greene is dedicated to helping families with serious family law issues transition to a better future. The law office offers exceptional legal services to help people with divorce, legal separation, custody, child support and non-marital relationships.

Tammis provides legal services to assist her clients in achieving outcomes that work for them now and in the future. Contact Tammis directly for personalized legal services.

It is a boutique law firm focusing on the client. You and Tammis will focus on your family and your emotional and financial needs. Together you will develop a personalized roadmap to help you achieve the outcomes you want with a minimization of time and expense.

At the initial consultation, Tammis explains her five-step process, outlining the options clients have. She helps clients choose the process that meets their needs, whether it is non-adversarial (collaborative, mediation, cooperative) or adversarial. Her mission is to help her clients divorce in a healthy, nontoxic manner. She applies the same principles to every family law issue, whether it is child support, paternity, a domestic partnership, etc. Her vision is that families are stronger and healthier at the conclusion of their case.

A core value of the law firm is to minimize conflict. Tammis will explain your mediation and collaborative options. Sometimes it is not possible to have a non-adversarial solution to your family law issues. Tammis will explain your litigation alternatives. Together you and Tammis will make decisions that meet your needs and provide for a better future for you and your family.